Basic Concrete Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Concrete material is used in a variety of ways within residential properties. From the home’s foundation to sidewalks and patios, you will find concrete in several areas. Concrete is often used due to durability and performance. However, over time, issues may arise due to weather conditions, issues with the base where the concrete was laid … Continued

2020 To Do List: Does Your Concrete Need Repairs?

With 2019 about to come to a close, homeowners often begin thinking about projects they can begin for the New Year. When a New Year comes about, individuals often think about doing something new or making changes. When it comes to the home, certain areas need to be addressed, be it with updates or repairs. … Continued

Is There Any Prep Work for Removing Concrete?

If you are planning on removing concrete from your property, the process is not as simple as you might think. Whether you are planning on removing a small sidewalk or large patio, there is much to consider. Prep work is a must to ensure your project is completed without any complications. Read on to find … Continued

Can Halloween Pranks Damage Your Concrete?

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays, for both kids and adults alike! From decorating the home to dressing up in costumes for trick or treating, Halloween is enjoyable and exciting. However, there is one downside, pranks! When it comes to Halloween pranks, some are in good fun, but others can be damaging to … Continued

What to Do when Public Property Needs Concrete Repairs

If you live in a neighborhood or have access to a public park nearby, you probably spend a lot of your time there. From basketball courts to walking trails, cities and towns across the United States offer a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Many of these areas are constructed from concrete and over … Continued

Is It Too Late to Weatherproof Your Concrete?

The fall and winter seasons are prime time for rain and snow. When you have concrete surfaces on your property, such as patios, driveways and sidewalks, they need to be weatherproofed before the colder seasons. This way, when rain or snow falls, your concrete is protected. Over time, moisture can lead to issues within the … Continued

Where Should I Start Making Concrete Improvements on My Property?

Concrete is a common material used in homes across the United States. From the foundation to porches, patios, and sidewalks, the material works well in a variety of ways. Concrete is durable, providing a quality material that can last a lifetime when poured and installed properly. While concrete is a great choice for areas of … Continued

What Concrete Parts of Your Interior Need TLC?

As a homeowner, you take great pride in your home. From the exterior to the interior, you clean, repair and maintain to ensure your investment. Outdoors, there are many areas to consider for maintenance and repairs including the landscaping, concrete driveway, walkways, pathways, and porches. With regular pressure washing and care, these concreate areas stay … Continued

Preparing for Spring Concrete Projects in Advance

With the fall and winter set to arrive shortly, now is the perfect time to begin planning spring projects around the home. As the colder seasons begin, many retailers will begin discounting materials, which makes it a perfect time to get the supplies you need for future projects. Preparing now will help you to save … Continued

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