Fixing Concrete Repairs: Did the Repair Work?

It is not uncommon for concrete to be in need of repairs. When you become a homeowner, you suddenly realize that there are several areas in which repairs will be needed from time to time, including areas of the home involving concrete. From sidewalks to patios, concrete can have issues over time, resulting in the … Continued

Concrete Repair Services to Consider Before The First Snow

With Winter quickly approaching, it is important that homeowners review their concrete. The winter temperatures are harsh on concrete, causing damage to sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and patios. By learning more about repair needs and having solutions provided before the snow starts to fall, can ensure that your concrete is not subject to issues when the … Continued

Can you put a fire pit with concrete?

(If you have broken concrete, can you build a fire pit with it safely?) When considering outdoor¬†party solutions, the popularity of outdoor fire pits cannot be surpassed. After all, they are basically the efficient way of containing a fire to stop it from spreading in a safe manner. Not only does a fire pit provide … Continued

Adding Drainage to Your Concrete

(If you need to come back to an already built driveway, how big of a process will it be to add drainage? Or will you need to rip the whole thing out and start over?) When you think about concrete, it is likely you think of an attractive, versatile, durable, functional, quality product. Concrete driveways … Continued

Just How Much Can You Fix?

(What can you do to prepare to make things easier before we come to work.) The careful planning and follow-up are necessary for any successful concrete project, whether you hire¬†our company or handle the project yourself. If the project is complex or large is always best to hire a professional contractor. Hiring an expert concrete … Continued

Waterproof Today! Snow is Coming!

(I mean, we’re in Illinois. It’ll be here soon.) Winter in Illinois is a time when many homeowners look to strengthen their homes against the harsh elements. In most cases, this is accomplished by tightening the seals that have a way of allowing heat to escape and cold air to move in. Insulation, windows, and … Continued

Will Leaving Weight on Concrete Cause it to Wear Down Faster?

When it comes to driveways for residential homes, the most common material used is concrete. A driveway constructed of concrete will last for years, providing a nice space for vehicles as well as for kids to ride bikes and play. It is important to learn as much as you can about your concrete driveway, so … Continued

Will Heavy Rains Ruin Concrete Waterproofing?

Concrete is used in many areas of the home, from sidewalks to porches and foundations. A great way to protect your concrete, especially a concrete foundation or basement walls, is to use a waterproofing sealer. When you have a concrete foundation or basement, waterproofing is a must to avoid any damage to the home. With … Continued

How Long After Concrete Repairs Can I Work in the Area Again?

Concrete is a durable material that is used in several areas of residential homes. Concrete is commonly used for foundations and basement areas, as well as patios, porches, sidewalks, and driveways. The consistency of concrete creates a space that will last for many years if cared for properly. However, despite your best efforts, over time, … Continued

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