The Best Season to Pour Concrete

If you are considering a new concrete project, such as a patio or sidewalk installation, you may be wondering when the best season is to pour concrete. For most homeowners, they believe the summer is best due to the hot temperatures. However, both hot and cold temperatures can affect concrete in a different manner. Learning … Continued

How Does Road Salt Damage Concrete?

During the winter months, salt is often used by road crews to help with snow and ice removal. The salt helps by lowering the freezing point of the water that forms ice. This helps to start the melting process of the ice and snow. The process is effective, but it can be damaging to concrete. … Continued

2019 To Do List: Does Your Concrete Need Repairs?

With 2018 about to come to a close, homeowners often begin thinking about projects they can begin forthe New Year. When a New Year comes about, individuals often think about doing something new ormaking changes. When it comes to the home, certain areas need to be addressed, be it with updates orrepairs. When a New … Continued

Waterproofing for Spring Showers

When you have concrete construction in your home, waterproofing must be completed. When concrete foundations, basements, flooring, patios, etc. are installed, waterproofing is beneficial to the longevity of the material. With waterproofing, when heavy rains occur, the water does not seep into the material. This helps to prevent any cracking or breakage as well as … Continued

Concrete Repair Services To Start The New Year: Scheduling for Spring

With every New Year, homeowners make plans for change around their property. When it comes to concrete, 2019 is a perfect time to begin scheduling the much-needed services for your home. From slab jacking to waterproofing and basement foundation repair, these services can be scheduled beginning in January to ensure your project can be completed … Continued

Preparing Decorative Concrete

If you are like most homeowners, you have concrete areas within your home, such as concrete driveways, patios, and sidewalks. These areas are used for walking around your home or for conversation areas where you can lounge. However, these large open spaces can also be used for decorating. Have you thought about creating holiday signage … Continued

New Years Party: Cleaning Up After Your Outdoor Event

With the end of the year approaching, many homeowners are planning New Years Eve celebrations. Parties can be really fun, but also a bit messy. When you host an event outdoors, you can avoid a mess inside your home, but you can end up with a mess on the outside, particularly with a patio setting. … Continued

Fixing Concrete Repairs: Did the Repair Work?

It is not uncommon for concrete to be in need of repairs. When you become a homeowner, you suddenly realize that there are several areas in which repairs will be needed from time to time, including areas of the home involving concrete. From sidewalks to patios, concrete can have issues over time, resulting in the … Continued

Concrete Repair Services to Consider Before The First Snow

With Winter quickly approaching, it is important that homeowners review their concrete. The winter temperatures are harsh on concrete, causing damage to sidewalks, pathways, driveways, and patios. By learning more about repair needs and having solutions provided before the snow starts to fall, can ensure that your concrete is not subject to issues when the … Continued

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